About The Event/FAQ

The LNCC Business Awards is an initiative that celebrates the achievements, excellence, and contributions of businesses and entrepreneurs within Central Labrador (Happy Valley-Goose Bay, North West River, Sheshatshiu). The Awards Ceremony is a night of brilliance and inspiration, and a platform where we honor exceptional businesses and leaders.

Venue: Royal Canadian Legion, Happy Valley-Goose Bay

Date: 18th November, 2023

What is the purpose of the LNCC Business Awards?

The purpose of the LNCC Business Awards is to acknowledge the hard work, dedication, and accomplishments of businesses and individuals, motivating them to strive for continued success. The event aims to foster healthy competition, inspire entrepreneurship, and showcase best practices and innovative strategies that others can learn from.

Who can be nominated?

Any business owned and operated within Central Labrador for a minimum 1 year may be nominated for the LNCC Business Awards. You may even nominate yourself! Chamber membership is not required or considered during the application process.


  • Small Business of the Year (1-15 Employees)
  • Business of the Year (+15 Employees)
  • Community Impact Award
  • Outstanding Workplace of the Year
  • Young Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Business Leader of the Year


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