Labrador North Chamber of Commerce


Becoming a member of the LNCC ensures your voice is heard and your priorities become our focus. For nearly 60 years, the LNCC has been the most representational voice for business in Labrador with strong networks across Canada’s North. We have solid record of successfully advocating for the diverse needs of the membership at the municipal, regional, provincial and federal level and creating opportunities for partnership and collaboration.


Results Driven

Our advocacy fosters a better business climate and spurs economic growth in Labrador.


The success of our advocacy is reliant on partnerships and collaboration.


Our priorities are developed by direct input from members and other stakeholders.


Our advocacy, messaging and commitment to business development in Labrador reflects our mission.


We are focused in our efforts and ensure well-researched, informed decision-making.


We are an independent, non-partisan business advocacy organization.

Working For You

Provincial Level

Encouraging Labrador Municipalities to Support Local Businesses

Apr 2020

Labrador North and Labrador West Chambers of Commerce encouraging all municipalities throughout Labrador to offer strong support to local businesses.

Category: Letters & Statements

Letter to the Editor of The Labradorian

Nov 2012

Regarding the coverage of Muskrat Falls in the news, a letter was written to clarify LNCC’s position and a need for fair coverage of both sides of the debate.

Category: Letters & Statements

The Goose Bay Town Centre: Plan for Growth

Apr 2012

Regarding the need for the community to become involved in the planning and development of the proposed Goose Bay Town Centre in order to further the growth and prosperity that is just around the corner.

Category: Reports & Submissions