Andy Turnbull, Chairperson

Nunacor Development Corporation

Andy A. Turnbull is the CEO of the Nunacor Development Corporation, the business development entity of the NunatuKavut Community Council, located in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL. NunatuKavut represents the Southern Inuit people of Labrador, primarily residing in central and southern Labrador. In this role he leads a group of wholly-owned companies as well as strategic partnerships in a wide range of sectors, such as hospitality, real estate, fisheries, mining services, and safety training. Andy serves as the CEO for each individual subsidiary company and is involved in the daily operations and strategic planning for these five entities. Andy initially started work with Nunacor in 2007 as a business development officer, and then returned as the General Manager in 2012. Andy moved into the role of CEO in 2015 and have lead the group of companies through exponential growth over the past several years.

Andy is a strong advocate for Indigenous participation in business in Labrador, actively establishing partnerships to create opportunities for members of the Indigenous community. Andy has successfully negotiated joint venture arrangements with six industry-leading companies for work on projects in Labrador. These joint ventures are primarily focused on servicing the mining industry and industrial projects happening in Labrador. Andy has also been involved in negotiating Community Cooperation Agreements with the mining industry and energy sector on behalf of NunatuKavut.

Andy has been served on the LNCC Board since 2014 as Director, 2nd Vice Chair, and was recently appointed as Chair at the 2020 Annual General Meeting. Andy was named one of the Top 50 CEOs by Atlantic Business Magazine in 2017-2019.