Indigrow Business Management

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Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL

Phone: 7098994613

In September of 2020, Richard Lewis- Founder and President of Indigrow Business Management Inc. began operations in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL. Richard and partner Ed Brenton- VP, Advisory Services, offer management, start-up, and growth advisory services for Indigenous entrepreneurs throughout Atlantic Canada. Their goal is to help businesses and communities succeed.

Indigrow was founded to help Indigenous businesses become the best versions of themselves, and part of that is understanding the importance of giving back to the community. Every engagement that Indigrow has with their clients include community involvement- should it be business start-up, marketing, growth strategies or business management services. Indigrow will also be lauching several initiatives in early December that support grassroots community groups and programs along with initiatives for Indigenous students who are attending post secondary.

At Indigrow, they believe that successful Indigenous businesses are pillars of thriving communities. Indigrow is the first company in Atlantic Canada to be founded specifically to help Indigenous-owned businesses reach their full potential. Currently, Indigrow employs Richard and Ed, however they are currently seeking an Indigenous Business Specialist.

Their biggest challenge thus far is keeping up with the demand for their services, a great challenge to have 7 weeks after launching a business! Prior to their launch, their hope was their unique brand and the products and services in which they offer to the market would resonate with Indigenous businesses. It was a risk to take because no one had approached this market previously, but it’s safe to say that they’ve already accomplished their goal of entering the market and are eager to keep up with the demand, how to grow sustainably and scale the business as a very welcoming one!

Having the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs and organizations every day to help them become better and grow to reach their highest potential is rewarding and makes the Indigrow team very proud! To see Indigrow itself grow from a unique concept on paper, to launch the company and see its success throughout the first two months, along with helping business grow, has been what makes Founder and President, Richard Lewis, most proud.

The LNCC provides so many valuable services and is a pillar of the business community here in Upper Lake Melville, therefore joining was a no brainer for Indigrow. Richard states how they are lucky to have an organization like the Labrador North Chamber of Commerce here to support the business community and that we are effective in meeting our mission.

Indigrow’s biggest asset is its unique brand and messaging, which that believe has the potential to grow their business throughout Atlantic Canada and beyond. Their long-term goal is to become the first point of contact for Indigenous businesses in Atlantic Canada regardless of the problems the businesses may be facing. Richard says that going to work every day and truly believing that what they do at Indigrow will make a difference to people’s lives is what’s most rewarding.