Becken Photography

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20 Spruce Avenue
Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL A0P1C0

Phone: 7096974963

We are Ken & Becca, a husband & wife duo living in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL who through life events fell into, and in love with, photography.

Our first true photography experience was on our wedding day with the talented photographer Kathy Duguay of Legacy Junction. She gave us a taste of how truly beautiful & moving photography can be.

Soon after our wedding followed babies! Babies whose every special moment we wanted to capture. They became our very first subjects and like most parents, we went a little overboard! All in the name of love and capturing memories.

At about the same time, we began a new business venture, an online holistic health coaching business called Naturally Inclined where we create programs to help women take back their health. This was when we invested in a studio and equipment so we could do live broadcasts, photoshoots, food photography, etc. And that’s when Becca’s love affair with photography and Ken’s passion for all things techy, like photo & video editing, was truly sparked.

As a photographer, Becca’s obsession is capturing natural light on faces, eyes and in nature. The beautiful scenes and moments we see in our day-to-day lives. The magic your eyes are seeing but that just can’t quite be capture with your Iphone. That’s what we like to capture. The sky reflecting in the eye, the sun rays bouncing off the face and the sweet smile of a happy soul in nature.

As a new business, we look forward to working with, and meeting, new people and families and capturing beautiful memories that will hang on your walls, or let’s be honest – used as a Facebook photo cover, for years to come.