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Community Support

Supporting the communities in which the LNCC and its members operate is a priority for the LNCC. Through initiatives such our Community Investment Program and the Mary Janet Hill Young Leader Scholarship, we aim to support important community initiatives that make a positive impact on the lives of Labradorians.

Labrador North Chamber of Commerce


General Information

This award is intended to provide financial support to two (2) Grade XII (Level 3) high school senior students who are actively engaged in their communities and who have demonstrated leadership abilities and outstanding community leadership. These students are involved in their communities in the capacity of volunteer, peer counselor or coach, tutors, or mentors. The recipients are active community members recognized for their commitment to building community capacity, illustrating strong support for other youth, and striving to improve the quality of life in their communities.

Eligibility Criteria

The applicant must be a current high school senior student at Mealy Mountain Collegiate in Happy Valley-Goose Bay or the Sheshatshiu Innu School in Sheshatshiu, and:
  • Must be conditionally accepted into a program at any notable post-secondary institution within Newfoundland and Labrador;
  • Must have a cumulative average of 75 per cent or higher; and
  • Must have no recorded failing grade.



All applicants must include one (1) letter of reference, copy of current high school transcript and a maximum 500-word essay highlighting the applicant’s interest and passion for their chosen program of study. The applicant may also include additional supporting documentation that they feel may strengthen the application [ex: other letters of support or reference(s), work experience, community involvement, volunteer activities etc.].


Two (2) scholarships at $1,000 each toward tuition of the chosen enrolled program.

Submissions and Deadline

Please contact your high school representative for more information.

Important Notes

Receipt of the full LNCC Mary Janet Hill Young Leader Scholarship is conditional on the successful completion of the students’ first semester classes, including a cumulative average of 75 per cent or higher.
For more information, please contact Darian Bird at or (709) 896-8787.

Labrador North Chamber of Commerce


A cornerstone of the Labrador North Chamber of Commerce (LNCC) commitment to making a positive difference in Labrador communities is our Community Investment Program. Through this program, the LNCC aims to support important community initiatives in Labrador, including health and well-being, the environment, arts and culture, hunger, homelessness, literacy, education, youth, seniors, sport, and disaster relief.
Support requests must be submitted in writing, and applicants should include the following information in their proposal:
  • Brief history of organization, with a clear description of its purpose, uniqueness, who benefits from it, how is success measured, and geographic area of operation.
  • A brief history of the initiative.
  • A clear description of how the initiative fits within one or more of the LNCC’s causes.
  • Amount of funding requested.
  • Must explain the allocation of funds.
  • List all funding sources.
  • List of all confirmed/proposed donors.
  • Names of officers and members of the governing board and their occupations or business affiliations, if applicable.
  • Plans for donor recognition.
  • Demonstrate the organization’s financial stability.
  • List charitable components of the event or project.
  • Organizations must be located in Labrador.


Past recipients include (but are not limited to):
  • Trapline Marathon
  • Kid's Eat Smart
  • Early Childhood Development Association
  • Mealy Mountain Collegiate (Expo Labrador Scholarships)
  • Healthy Waters Labrador
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Labrador Hunting & Fishing Association
  • Salvation Army


Proposals should be addressed to CEO Julianne Griffin via one of the following methods:

Mail: P.O. Box 460, Stn B
Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL  A0P 1E0
Fax: (709) 896-8039

Download CIP Form

Approval Process

A committee of the LNCC staff and Board of Directors will review submissions during our regular Board of Directors meeting. While the LNCC will respond to all requests, please note that not all proposals will be successful.

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