Mary-Janet Hill


Mary Janet Hill is a member and beneficiary of the Innu Nation of Labrador.  She completed her secondary education at Peenamin McKenzie School in Sheshatshiu, Labrador and graduated from Trent University in 2013 with a degree in Indigenous Studies. Following her graduation, Mary Janet returned to her home community to work as a Community Health Planner for the Sheshatshiu Innu First Nation and later accepted a position as Health Navigator for the Innu Round Table. Both positions involved engaging community members and health practitioners in dialogue on Innu health and processes to align health services.

She was also employed as an Assistant to the Chief of Sheshatshiu Innu First Nation for 2 years. She is also continuing her formal education and enrolled in the Indigenous Policy and Administration Graduate Diploma Program at Carleton University. Mary Janet is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Innu Development Limited Partnership (IDLP) since 2017.