In late 2014, the LNCC moved into its new Visitor Information and Business Innovation Centre!  The Centre is positioned as the hub for economic development and tourism information in Central Labrador, and equipped for benefit of the LNCC’s membership. We are now open and fully functional, and we plan to host a grand opening event in summer 2015.

The primary objective of this project has been to enhance regional capacity in the tourism and business service sectors. From a tourism perspective, with recent and continuing development of the Trans Labrador Highway system and major upgrades to the Goose Bay Airport, the new Visitor Information Centre will make for an improved, safe, and enjoyable tourism experience with year round accessibility to information and facilities.

The state of the art infrastructure will also dramatically strengthen the LNCC’s, as well as the region’s, economic development capacity. The Business Innovation Centre component is positioned as a “centre of excellence” for business services and skills development, enhancing the ability to address regional economic development challenges and opportunities. The Centre has been developed as an integral innovation centre, increasing capacity for the Central Labrador business community (SMEs in particular) to gain and improve upon their respective skills and knowledge base. The facility is a focal point to meet as well as share experiences and ideas for locals and visitors alike, promoting social and economic diversity.