Mission Statement

NorthLink endeavours to assist small and medium-sized enterprise (SMEs) in Labrador and other Canadian northern communities by developing opportunities for both domestic and international ventures. Through the provision of services and support, NorthLink functions as a conduit for professional business planning, coordination, and relations with government, national and territorial organizations, and like-minded entrepreneurs.

Vision Statement

NorthLink is driven by the vision of a circumpolar economy in which small and medium-sized enterprises have the ability and resources to trade goods and services freely, regardless of borders, culture, or language. In achieving this vision, NorthLink and its partners will be leaders in business marketing and management, trade, information technology, education, and research.

The Project

The primary objective of NorthLink is to further the concerns of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) in Labrador, the Canadian North, and throughout the circumpolar world.

NorthLink seeks out partnerships with other northern chambers, economic development agencies, and government departments that share our vision of establishing a truly virtual resource centre for SMEs.

In addition, we work closely with interested enterprises that want to take advantage of this unique and exciting opportunity.


NorthLink can provide the following services for interested small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs):

  • the identification of potential partners and/or opportunities throughout the north.
  • the bridging of cultural gaps between potential partners (especially internationally).
  • ensuring a SME’s readiness of doing business at home or abroad.
  • helping firms seek out and secure funding to aid in the development of trade and technology transfer.
  • providing related support.


The NorthLink initiative is built on partnerships between individuals, organizations, and regions. Thus far, we have been very successful in fostering partnerships toward increasing business and economic development opportunities within Labrador and throughout the circumpolar world. NorthLink partners include (but are not limited to):

Aboriginal groups and organizations

Federal government agencies

Provincial government agencies

Municipal/ Regional organizations

Northern Chambers and Organizations