In supporting our mandate of serving the Central Labrador business community and advocating on behalf of our members, the LNCC has developed ten strategic priorities. These serve to guide the Board of Directors and staff toward supporting economic development in the region, and enhancing benefits to the LNCC membership.

1.    Securing the Socio-Economic Well-Being of Businesses in Labrador

  • Informing business community of upcoming events
  • Facilitating events and providing an effective learning environment (Northern Lights, Northern Exposure, Expo Labrador, Lunch and Learn, membership meetings, etc)

2.    Support of Labrador’s Resource Development Industry

3.    Helping Prepare Labrador’s Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises to Compete on Large-Scale Projects

4.    Supporting Preparedness of Regional Businesses for Overall Success

  • Training Initiatives
  • Attraction of skilled workers
  • Facilitating events relating to professional development

5.    Enhancing Northern Infrastructure and Transportation Development

  • Communications Infrastructure (fibre-optic broadband, other services)
  • Completion of paving of Trans Labrador Highway
  • Modern improvements to marine, air and road infrastructure
  • Other community infrastructure

6.    Development of Arctic and Northern Business Opportunities

  • Integration of Circumpolar North

7.    Bridging the Gap Between Government and Business

  • Lobbying government of issues affecting regional business community
  • Working with the government to develop and implement regional economic development priorities

8.    Facilitating Aboriginal Engagement and Partnership Opportunities

9.    Encouraging Business Establishment and Community Integration in Labrador

10.  Promoting Labrador as a World-Class Region to Work and Live

  • Building upon existing and delivering new cost-reducing and business enhancing benefits to our members