Coastal Soapworks

Category: Aboriginal Business

4 Pond Road , Charlottetown, NL

Phone: (709) 949-0336

Coastal Soapworks, located in Charlottetown, began its operations in the spring of 2020. Coastal Soapworks is a home-based family run business built from the ground up by Owner, Dana Marshall. Coastal Soapworks handcrafts artisan soap bars and liquid soap using only the highest quality ingredients. Their line also includes premium soy wax melts, natural bath bombs, and much more! Dana runs Coastal Soapworks mostly on her own, with the help of her husband during busy seasons, and her children who help her forage for spruce sap and Labrador tea.

The biggest challenge that Coastal Soapworks faces is the costs associated with shipping their oils and butters. These items are heavy, and the shipping charges are very high. The pandemic also does not help matters, Coastal Soapworks has also been dealing with increased wait times associated with receiving products. Despite this Dana is extremely proud of what she has built. The growth is phenomenal and steadily building. Coastal Soapworks is SO thankful for all their customers and supporters.

Coastal Soapworks is steadily giving back to their community as well. Recently they did the “Christmas Blessings” Project, which allowed them to give to three nominated individuals from three towns along the South Coast of Labrador who needed an extra Christmas Blessing this year. Coastal Soapworks also created the “Sarah Anne” and the “Island Lady” soap bars this year to give back to families and support local fundraisers.

Coastal Soapworks chose to join the Labrador North Chamber of Commerce (LNCC) as LNCC has a wealth of knowledge and connections and will encourage them to be more active in the community.

Coastal Soapworks is currently concluding the “Sarah Anne” soap bars and restocking their shelves for Valentine’s Day. Dana also mentioned “I am so proud of our continued growth and support. I have so much to be grateful for.”