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    Getting attention

    Our work has been the focus of numerous press pieces over the years, and we continue to work with the media to promote our message and the region.

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    Labrador Job Opportunities
    3100 new jobs from Muskrat Falls.
  • In the News
    Fixing search and rescue must be priority, AG says

    Canada's auditor general says the federal government is mismanaging its search and rescue responsibilities.

    Hiring freeze lifted after just two months

    The Newfoundland and Labrador government, which stopped recruiting this winter and eliminated 1,200 positions in its March budget, has now lifted its hiring freeze.

    John Crosbie sees Muskrat Falls as risky but essential

    Former lieutenant-governor John Crosbie is throwing his support behind the multi-billion-dollar Muskrat Falls megaproject, calling it a risk that Newfoundland and Labrador needs to take.

    Changes to Rural Economic Development

    In May of 2012, the federal government announced that it was eliminating its funding to regional economic development boards (REDBs) in the Atlantic provinces.

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