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    Getting attention

    Our work has been the focus of numerous press pieces over the years, and we continue to work with the media to promote our message and the region.

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    Ferry passenger traffic
    18% growth in ferry passenger traffic.
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    Nalcor finds three new basins off Labrador

    Early exploration work conducted by Nalcor Energy has resulted in the identification of three new potentially oil-bearing basins offshore Labrador.

    Northern Exposure a Success

    A major conference and trade show in St. John's the last few days showcasing opportunities for growth in Labrador has been described as a huge success.

    CBC Here and Now – January 24, 2013 (1:13:41)

    Big Land in the Big City – Northern Exposure 2013

    It's a big land with big potential. Everyone from pipe fitters to adventure ethusiasts are looking at getting a piece of the action in Labrador. There's plenty of developments ahead: Muskrat Falls, mining, tourism. This week hundreds of business people are in St. John's attending the first ever Northern Exposure 2013 trade show.

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