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United Rentals of Canada, Inc. located at 434 Hamilton River Road in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL was opened in 1995.

United Rentals of Canada, Inc. located at 434 Hamilton River Road in Happy Valley- Goose Bay, NL was opened in 1995. United Rentals is primarily a provider of construction and industrial equipment, including trucks, aerial work platforms, counterbalance forklifts, reach forklifts, earth moving equipment, compressors, homeowner equipment etc. Together, these are considered general and aerial rentals and they make up the bulk of URI’s rental fleet and customer base.

However, United Rentals have many parts within the company, as they also have specialty fields in Trench Safety, Power/HVAC, Tool Services, Fluid Solutions, Reliable Onsite Services, Radio Services, Sports/Entertainment and Drone Services.

United Rentals employ 8 people locally, 60 across Newfoundland and Labrador, approximately 6,500 in Canada and more than 18,000 employees worldwide. The biggest challenge they have ever faced here in Labrador is the Covid 19 virus.  It is a terrible virus with a lot of unknowns and has affected not only the local and national population, but worldwide.  United Rentals will have to navigate very carefully into the future until a vaccine is found.

There have been many proud moments with United Rentals, but the one that stands out recently is the way in which the company has navigated and helped direct their employees and customers through these challenging times. The company has stood by their employees and helped with any concerns they may have, both in business and, more importantly, with respect to their personal health.

United Rentals takes great pride working within the town.  They have sponsored many local kids’ sports teams and events- from Minor Hockey, Baseball, Running, and Soccer.  They not only sponsor sporting events; they have also held many local charity BBQs while being partnered with the Salvation Army. United Rentals have also helped the High School Graduates make sure they are worry-free during their grad week!  The staff are happy to take part in donating equipment to Habitat for Humanity as well.

For many years, United Rentals have assisted the Town to make the switch the local arena from ice mode to flooring mode. United Rentals will continue to support the Town of Happy Valley- Goose Bay on any occasion or charity where possible.

It is inevitable that the LNCC is supportive of the business community. United Rentals  has said that businesses need a voice to inform and fight for what is important to Labrador and to Newfoundland as a whole. Because of this, United Rentals has become a proud member and supports the LNCC and the services and support the chamber offers.

United Rentals of Canada, Inc.
434 Hamilton River Road
Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL

Ed Vardy, Manager
Tel: (709) 897-7368
E-mail: [email protected]