The Industries

Labrador is rich in resources and business opportunity in nearly every sector including mining and mineral exploration, forestry, hydroelectric development, construction, and real estate.

Significant large-scale developments including the proposed Muskrat Falls hydroelectric development will provide incredible employment and procurement opportunities for regional and provincial businesses for decades to come. Businesses in Labrador are looking to the future, expanding their operations into other regions of Canada, and searching for strong partners to help them further succeed.

Similar to other regions in the province, Central Labrador is expanding rapidly and construction has begun on many initiatives such as the Goose Bay Town Centre project, a multi-use commercial and residential property.

The Opportunities

Of course, with so many key industries continuing to establish businesses in our region, the business opportunities are endless. As a region that continues to warmly welcome the arrival of new businesses, Central Labrador has plenty of opportunity to ensure the success of your new venture.

With the incredible amount of current developments and future projects on the horizon, now is the time to choose a career path that leads you to Central Labrador.

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