The Region

Central Labrador is rich in history and cultural diversity. The region represents four communities including Happy Valley-Goose Bay with a population of approximately 7,500, North West River with an approximate population of 550, Sheshatshui with its population of nearly 1,800, and Mud Lake with its population of 60 full-time residents.

Relatively small in number, the population of Central Labrador still maintains an effective service hub with modern shopping facilities, quality health care, access to government services and supported programs, modern educational and recreational facilities, and a vibrant arts community.

This is, in part, thanks to the three distinct Aboriginal groups residing in the area.:

  • Innu First Nations
  • Inuit (Nunatsiavut)
  • NunatuKavut (formerly Labrador Metis Nation)

Cost of Living

Although the cost of some goods and services is higher than other parts of the county, many other things are lower or equivalent to the national average.

Compared to most major cities with large property lots, housing prices in the region are lower. Also, thanks to our close proximity to hydroelectric power, our heating and lighting costs are the second lowest in the country.

For more information on available services, housing, and other related things, please visit the following sites:

Greater Goose Bay

Happy Valley-Goose Bay