Labrador by Road

Labrador is accessible to all of North America by road. The Trans-Labrador Highway Phase I (Route 500) presently accesses Central Labrador from Western Labrador. The highway is a high quality, all-season, road that is well maintained in summer and winter. Route 500 has been fully paved as of 2014.

In 2009, extension of Route 510 (Phase III) was completed to allow connection of Happy Valley-Goose Bay to the Southeast Coast and Straits of Labrador, and to the island of Newfoundland via ferry at Blanc Sablon, Quebec. This road takes you through a beautiful, wilderness setting that offers a truly unique opportunity to see and experience this part of the world.

Travellers should note that service stops along this route are limited. The distance between services, as well as the wilderness setting, means travellers should plan accordingly.

For road conditions and information, please contact (709) 896-7840.

As well, those travelling by road may be interested in learning more about the Labrador Coastal Drive.

Labrador by Sea

Communities along the north coast of Labrador are serviced by a regularly scheduled marine ferry and coastal supply boats. This is a seasonal service and generally runs from June to November. From Happy Valley-Goose Bay, you can travel the North coast to Nain, and visit all the small coastal communities along the way. This marine adventure exposes you to some of the most wonderful seascapes and landscapes imaginable.

Further information
Labrador Coastal Marine Services
Tel: 1-866-535-2567

Newfoundland and Labrador Ferry Services

Ferry schedules
MV Kamutik W
Qajaq W

Labrador by Air

The Goose Bay Airport is the air transportation hub for Labrador and has one of the largest airports in Eastern Canada. It has two of the longest runways in Atlantic Canada, one being 11,000 ft long and the other 9,800 ft long. Recent renovations also makes it one of the most modern small airport terminals in the country.

The airport hosts a number of air carriers who operate regularly scheduled flights to Newfoundland, other Labrador communities, Nova Scotia, and Quebec. These include:

Air Canada Jazz
Tel: 1-888-247-2262
Air Canada
Tel: 1-888-247-2262
PAL Airlines/Air Borealis
Tel: 1-800-563-2800
EVAS (in partnership with Air Canada Jazz)
Tel: 1-877-438-2359

There are also a number of charter services that use the Goose Bay Airport and the Otter Creek Float Plane Base to access numerous sport fishing and hunting camps in Labrador. Please check with either Air Labrador or Provincial Airlines for more details.

Further information
Goose Bay Airport
Tel: 1-709-896-5445

Labrador by Snowmobile

Labrador is connected in the winter time by over 1,500 km of groomed snowmobile trails called the Labrador Winter Trails. We invite you to take a ride and experience the wonder and pristine beauty of the region. You will find a diverse terrain as you travel along rugged barren land bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the boreal forest. Once in Central Labrador, you can enjoy the spectacular views of the Mealy Mountains and the Churchill River.

Labrador Winter Trails
Tel: 1-709-896-8750
Tel: 1-877-884-SNOW (7669)
Grand River Snowmobile Club
Tel: 1-709-896-5983

More Information

Tourism Labrador also offers a User Guide for the Trans Labrador Highway Routes 500/510 free of charge to all persons wishing to visit our great land. This guide provides a map, tourist information, preparations and safety tips, and much more! You will find this document a valuable resource if travelling Labrador by automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, or by other means utilizing Labrador’s highways.

We also have an online map showing our region and the location of our members.